BOHAPO (Bungoma Orphans HIV AIDS Poverty Organisation)

Uniting to fight Poverty HIV & AIDS  

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  • Food for poor families e.g cereals,fat,flour e.t.c.
  • Clothing for the orphans and street children
  • Books for the library
  • Computer and photocopy machine for the administration
  • A vehicle to move within the rough roads within the community for the field work and taking children to hospital.
  • US$ 31535 to supply electricity to the library,a nearby school,a market and the community.
  • Hospital bills-We have children who need specialised medication and we can not afford the cost.
  • You can sponser a needy child and be able to save him/her from child labour,hunger and ignorance.You can send us an email then we will link you to the child so that you support him/her directly.You can send funds through us or to the school.

If you wish to donate in any way please contact us. All donations are appreciated.

We have a bank account with a swift code.

Cheques are also accepted.