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JAED HOMESTAYS AND ECO-TOURISM                                    



Exploring the rural villages in Western Kenya

JAED HOMESTAYS AND ECO-TOURISM is registered with the government of Kenya registration number 486922.Itís base is at Wamunyiri  village ,Kabula Location in Bungoma district about 450 kilometers from Nairobi the capital city of Kenya. It was established in 2005 by Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Wamuya Walela to boost eco-tourism in Kenya and also help the under privileged communities that are marginalized by reducing poverty. When in Africa many visitors and tourists prefer staying in private homes where they experience freedom of movement and good security.Homestays in Africa are becoming common in tourism for itís unique opportunity to stay with the owners of the private homes in the rural set up located in places with attractive scenery. Many tourists are moving away from the hotel and lodge accommodation which has been in practice for many years and turning to rural home stays located within near the explored and unexplored tourist attractions and sites.


OUR MISSION: - To provide a good atmosphere and quality service of eco-tourism in Kenya


OUR VISION: - To be the leading eco-tourism centre in Africa that provides cultural activities and home stays.


Wamunyiri village the location of JAED home stays and eco-tourism comprises of two sub-tribes which are the Bukusu and the Wanga.The village is at the boarder of the two tribes thus the result of the two sub-tribes.

The language commonly spoken is the Kiswahili and the Bukusu with little English. The main activities within the community include: - farming, weaving and carving. Through the above activities the community produces milk,eggs,meat,honey,mutton,pork,sugarcane,woven trays,chicken,baskets,mats e.t.c. The main cash crop in the community is sugarcane.

The economical status of the community is low due to high percentage of illiteracy, unexposure and unemployment but different talents have been discovered which can help eradicate poverty with little support. JAED home stays welcomes visitors who are planning to study, volunteer, research or travel to Africa and experience the places. The trip is adventurous and most tourists who have come from a range of different backgrounds from all over the world have learnt a lot from the community since they stay with a local family and have a day to day life experience in a rural setting. From these interactions with the locals of the home stay, the tourists are able to learn the localís culture thus the tourist having a clear taste of the Bukusu culture found in Wamunyiri. The trip can be booked at any time to suit your requirements.

We are in close links with BOHAPO, various schools and community groups in the local village and have founded many community projects such as a local library and sports that you can be involved in. The projects are according to the needs of the community. While on the trip this will provide a source of employment to the locals. Visitors are required to apply their skills in any field of profession and if with any specific objective then communicate in advance for proper arrangements. You will not only give a huge amount to the local community but you will also learn a lot and take a lot away by having an opportunity to see a unique and amazing way of life free from the technology and rush of western society. There is even the ability to see the historical housing of the area in a specially created village traditional museum of various artifacts of the luhya especially the Bukusu on the JAED HOMESTAY compound. In it are traditional tools used by traditional African Luhya societies that date back 100 years.

We want you to enjoy and treasure your time spent with us so please feel free to mix your roles allowing plenty of time to relax the Kenyan style! The staff who are from the community are dedicated to making your experience memorable. During the stay, the visitors can opt to cook by themselves or use services of our chefs to prepare their meals. They will also have an opportunity to taste different Bukusu meals prepared ďthe right wayĒ by the old men and women with experience. Laundry, house cleaning and keeping is done by the dedicated JAED home stayís staff.

Although we are a profit making company much effort have been made to ensure:-

        There is reduction of poverty in the area by providing local employment through employing local tours guides, cooks, gardeners, cleaners, office workers and car hire from within the community.

        We do research for the community on how to earn more from their farms through starting projects that require a small amount of land but bring more in a family like bee keeping and poultry farming.

        We encourage the community to conserve the environment by planting indigenous trees and discouraging use of plastic bags which are harmful to the environment and therefore using re-cycled paper to produce paper bags and paper gift packs.

        We market the communityís culture and preserving it by having a local traditional museum and welcoming our visitors to attend traditional festivals.

        We also donate to nonprofit organizations found within the community and which are in link like BOHAPO such as Kabula Youth Foundation ,Kabula youth initiative etc.

We are also planning on starting a digital village to help the community access information technology.





While on the trip it's not all straineous since we include various activities for you to relax and enjoy the quite life in upcountry.






If you just want a change of scenery or a break of a few days to relax your mind in a traditional peaceful rural environment then this is the place to be. Feel free to bring whatever reading material you wish which can be supplemented from our library. We also have in door games like chess, checks, scrabble and monopoly.





Famous for it's diversity of bird and insect life. This is one of the few indigenous areas of rainforest left in Africa. It is also full of monkeys of many species. Has many walking trails and plenty of local guides. This trip also offers the opportunity to visit Kakamega town. The forest is approximately 2 hours away from your base but will feel like a different world.


They are just situated outside webuye town. It is an hour drive from your base. A local guide will be on hand to ensure you make the most of your visit.




Spectacularly arising from the low lying farmland surrounding Bungoma, these peaks offer a unique vantage point from which to view Bungoma and itís surrounding area. The formidable peak of mt Elgon can also be perused.

This trip combines a unique 2-in-1 experience as the hills lie directly behind a school linked to BOHAPO. Several local AIDS orphans attend here due to collaborations between and the schools itself. Thus you can use this opportunity to meet the children and staff of the school and take advantage of their local knowledge of the hill to find the best shortcut!


This will be a busy day. Kisumu is the third largest city in Kenya. Lake Victoria has an area of about 67,000 kilometer square and forms a natural boundary between Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. It is the source of River Nile which flows northwards to Egypt and beyond into the Mediterranean Sea. Itís rich in fish. You will view it at Dunga beach where you can have a boat ride and have a talk with the fishermen who will tell you the benefits and challenges of fishing on the lake. From Dunga beach you will visit Kisumu museum which has a display of the local traditional customs and crafts. From the museum you will visit Kisumu Impala sanctuary where you will be able to see lions, ostriches, crocodiles, cheetahs and hyenas. Phew! A very busy day! But one you will find infinitely rewarding!


A two hour trip will lead you to Kitale where you must check out on the National museum containing displays from local tribes including homesteads and a nature trail extending out the back. NearĖby is Saiwa swamp national park which offers exceptional hiking trails and amazing wildlife.


This is one of the highest peaks in western Kenya sitting proudly astride the Kenyan Ė Uganda border. It offers several treks giving views of this extinct volcano. The lower altitude gives rise to a warm climate than its counter part mt.Kenya.





In August of even years such as August 2008 there is a traditional festival that involves the entire community where adolescent boys under go a coming of age ceremony. This is one of the oldest cultural events in East Africa and is virtually important to the community and it takes one month. Visitors experiencing this are privileged to be allowed to participate in such an event and will truly feel part of the community.




      Teach in a local school

You don't have to be a professional teacher but if you can be able to communicate in English then you can teach in a local school.

      Community projects

You can be involved in community projects like assisting in BOHAPO Community library or helping with local projects for youngsters such as sports clubs.

These are just a taster of what you can bring to our community, please feel free to share any skills you have.


You will need US $ 650 per week per person for all meals, accomodation and transport (car hire) including pick up from the airport.

The minimum days of staying are seven days but arrangements can be made for fewer days.






Individuals over 18 years





If you are coming in a group of more than five people you will receive a discount.

You will also be required to pay a fee at the gates but this is only at Kakamega forest, Kisumu museum, the impala sanctuary and the Kitale museum which are managed by the Kenya wildlife service. It ranges between US $ 10 and US $ 20 per gate.

The transport includes picking you from the airport. When you are less than four you might use public means which will be paid for you and they will choose for you the safe and comfortable ones.

Air tickets, insurance and any other unmentioned are not included in the fee.

Internet is available in Bungoma and is charged a dollar per hour.

The first day will be arriving and traveling to the host family. You will also have a boda boda ride (carried on a bike) and then a test of our traditional meal.

The second day will be orientation and introduction to the community. You can either visit the poor in the community or relax after the long journey. You can also choose to visit a local blacksmith.

The third day you will visit BOHAPO projects which include sports and a community library.

The remaining days are open and you will decide on what to do. This should be planned on the evening of the third day.



  • 5% of all you pay for food and accommodation will be put on a community project e.g. buying of balls for the youth, paying staff at The BOHAPO library, paying library rent and buying books for the community library. Any other project that you feel you can start will be appreciated.
  • Vehicles hired will be from within the community.
  • Will provide employment for tour guides, cooks and cleaners
  • You can also help the poor directly by starting income generating projects for them.
  • Fresh food is also purchased from the locals from their farms






        A guest house

        Traditional museum

        Two permanent houses for the family members

        A manual water pump with treated safe drinking water.

        A generator since there is no electricity

        Very clean pit latrines

        Good security


        Indoor games

        Local chicken, sheep, cows and turkeys.


Other home stays we are in link with include Luucho view home stay and KINA home stays.


Please feel free to contact us through

      Mrs. Jacqueline Wamuya

JAED Home stays and eco-tourism

P.O.BOX 1449 - 50200