BOHAPO (Bungoma Orphans HIV AIDS Poverty Organisation)

Uniting to fight Poverty HIV & AIDS  

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We have been visited by volunteers from France, Spain, Norway, Washington D.C., Scotland, Wales and Ireland. An information officer from IRIN-United Nations also visited our organization.

We are looking for volunteers that can help us to accomplish our mission. We do not charge our volunteers nor pay them to participate in our activities, but help them to have a friendly stay in Kenya.

Volunteers can work with us for any length of time up to a period of 2 years. They should be respectful and friendly. Our language of communication is English. All volunteers will work with at least two local volunteers and they will stay at BOHAPO center. Only 650 USD per month will be needed to cover food, accommodation and project assistance. Besides, volunteers will need approximately 200 USD per month for personal expenses (transport, internet and drinks).   BOHAPO Centre has clean underground pumped water and our past volunteers have never experienced any problem with it. We have over 10 ATMíS machines in BUNGOMA which accept VISA electron cards. Volunteers should be ready to face challenges like not having electricity, sharing beds or using latrine toilets, although they are very clean. Kenya is a developing country so things happen at a very different pace than in the western countries.

 In order to avoid unnecessary transactions, we ask our volunteers to pay for the volunteering program on arrival at the airport. We can pick up volunteers form Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, from Kisumu or Eldoret airports, which are closer to BUNGOMA. We pick up volunteers at no additional cost.


You can get the Visa from any embassy or at the airport on arrival. Kenya is a Commonwealth country so getting a visa is not that hard. In you need any further assistance regarding Visa, do not hesitate to contact BOHAPO.

 We welcome students, working people and retirees to our organization. We give our volunteers a break on request to tour our country which is rich in wild animals and beautiful green landscapes. We link our volunteers to a tour company that offers affordable rates. Maasai Mara, Amboseli, Lake Nakuru, Samburu are Mt. Kenya are places that our past volunteers have liked. The tour takes 7 days or 11 if visiting the coastal region (Mombassa). We also promote eco-tourism through JAED HOMESTAYS AND ECOTOURISM.

When applying, please submit the following details:

        Full names

        Address and email

        Telephone and mobile phone numbers.



        Country of origin/birth

        Country of residence

        Type of work interested


        Length of time available and when you want to start

        Religion (to know when to give you time for church).


You are advised to take Malaria, Typhoid and Yellow Fever vaccine, although BOHAPO advises all volunteers to check with local vaccination centers for the latest updates regarding vaccination (at least 6 weeks before departure).

At BOHAPO Centre there will be mosquito net available for you. Also take care of your luggage while in Kenya, especially in Nairobi.

You are welcome during anytime of the year to help the community and leave a mark to the needy.

 Together we will make a difference!